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Building blocks to a SATIATING salad!

Salads? Boringgggg - or are they? Think of salad as a base to a wonderful array of proteins, healthy fats, energy, and vitamins/minerals. There are a couple of key ingredients to make a delicious , hearty, satiating salad.

1. Greens - When choosing your lettuce it is ideal to go for dark leafy greens - richer the color the more nutritious. Great rule of thumb to follow for all fruit and vegetable content!

Great Salad base ideas!

Kale - massage with EVOO for 1 minute for maximum deliciousness

Spring mix - all the color means all the nutrients!

Baby spinach & arugula- FABULOUS pairing

Bib lettuce - buttery taste

2. Protein - Protein can be meat or plant based both will taste amazing with the right pairings!


Shredded chicken- quick and easy either from leftovers or simply boil until able to shred , no need to flavor adding dressings will add enough flavor

Lentils - add an amazing kick of BOTH protein and fiber so you can stay satiated for hours

Hummus - talk about a three for one ! Ideal source of healthy fats, protein, and has delicious flavor all packed in!

Roasted Chickpeas - go for a crunchy texture instead but keep the excellent source of fats and protein - check out my delicious dishes page for the recipe!

Plain greek yogurt - mix in your shredded chicken and add your favorite spices! (I'm digging smoked paprika and everything bagel seasonings right now)

Ground Turkey- again a quick and easy addition when using left overs from last nights tacos

Edamame- plant based protein that contains 17 grams of protein per serving!

Shrimp - cold cooked shrimp can upgrade any salad from boring to FANCY

3. Vegetables/Fruit - time to add some COLOR!! The more variety in color the more nutrient dense the salad! Also great for adding texture dimension - CRUNCH


Tomatoes - rich in vitamin C and lycopene (phytochemical)

Bell peppers - rich in vitamin C

Cucumbers- very low calorie but give an amazing CRUNCH

Berries- Vitamin C - antioxidant

Oranges - Vitamin C

Apples - rich in fiber and Vitamin C

Celery - rich in fiber

Onion - rich in flavonoids (antioxidant compound)

4. Healthy Fats - help out your hair, nails, and skin with these delicious options

Healthy fats

Vinaigrette Dressing - olive oil based dressing rich in unsaturated fats giving a kick of flavor

Olive oil - OR drizzle EVOO straight on your decadent salad for rich taste

Tzatziki- light with dill and mint flavors, ideal for a Mediterranean palate

Nuts- rich in unsaturated fats, protein, and flavor!

Olives - great way to include healthy fats

Avocado- a well known fruit that packs a healthy fat punch. Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and is amazingly creamy

Flax/hemp seeds - crunchy little guys packed with protein, fats, and fiber!

Tahini - rich nutty flavor derived from sesame seeds, packed with Copper a vital mineral for blood circulation, immune and brain health

Low fat cheeses - your pick! cheese is absolutely a personal preference ;) my favorite has to be Goat cheese! Adding fat , flavor, and protein!

5. Whole Grains - yes we can even add our grains to the salad! Theres nothing a salad cant contain! Great way to include fiber, more protein, and sustainable energy!

Whole grains

Whole grain brown rice - excellent source of fiber which allows for a steady stream for energy for HOURS

Quinoa - rich in plant based protein with a nutty flavor

Farro - another great source of fiber - which by the way ,aids in improved cholesterol levels!

Whole grain pita crisps - who doesnt love the little crisps

Now you have the building blocks to create a delicious and filling salad - yes a FILLING salad! Here is my favorite build at the moment!

Mediterranean Trifecta!

- Bowl full of massaged kale, baby spinach, and arugula

- 1/2 cup shredded leftover chicken - mix in 3 T Tzatziki

- 1/4 cup tri color quinoa

- sliced cherry tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, and bell peppers

- spoonful of Kalamata olives

- 1/4 cup chopped fresh goat cheese

- 1/4 cup crushed walnuts

- 1 T Salad Seasoning



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