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Meet Your Dietitian

Lauren Brown MS, RD

Wellness Dietitian

I began my journey in the field of nutrition by earning my Bachelors of Science in Dietetics from James Madison University, ROLL DUKES! I continued by obtaining my Masters in Dietetics and completing my dietetic internship at Marshall University. I have experience working with young children up to geriatrics. 


I have worked as an outpatient dietitian, children's nutrition educator, and an acute care clinical dietitian. During my time as a dietitian I discovered my outgoing personality and personal drive make a great pair in the counseling setting. 

I also have a strong passion for being active. I have been a cycle instructor for going on five years and currently teach at a local fitness studio. So if I'm not sharing my wealth of nutrition knowledge you can catch me in the saddle or running downtown!

I developed my nutrition counseling business to be able to share with others that eating nutritious does not have to be overwhelming and balancing health with enjoyment CAN be possible with the right nutrition knowledge!

Why go with a Registered Dietitian?

Shorter Answer

I have two college degrees in this field, 1200 hours of clinical supervised practice, and 3 years of professional experience.

Longer Answer

Registered Dietitians are to abide by medical standards. Meaning, all education and advice given will be backed by science based evidence that is regularly practiced in the medical field.  As an RD I am equipped to work with clients who have specific dietary restrictions (celiac disease, food allergies, etc) as well as health related diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, gastrointestinal diseases, and more!

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