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Hey there!

With me you'll learn what works for you without restriction and still see the progression you're after! 

- Lauren Brown MS, RD


Why Choose Lemons 'n Bananas Nutrition?

Improved energy, decreased stress, hormonal balance, optimal fitness performance, improved sleep patterns and improved metabolic panel (LDL , HDL , A1C) are just a few of the MANY benefits of working with me to improve your nutrition and overall health! 

As a nutrition professional, I cater to each client's unique circumstances and will be your number one accountability partner through the entire journey.

The main force behind my practice is a deep desire to help my clients establish a strong nutritional foundation they can utilize for the rest of their lives WITHOUT having to follow any strict rules in order to achieve success! 

From nutritious recipes to individualized nutrition guidance , I am ready to help you reach your health and wellness goals today!

You had such useful information to share and are very knowledgeable in this area (nutrition). I also appreciate how encouraging and nonjudgmental you are. Thanks so much!

Holly B

Gained great knowledge about what type of foods nourishes my body.

Cole C.

1 pant size down and feel more nourished than before!

Jen M.

You helped me understand healthy eating doesn’t have to be complex and provided great recipes and meal planning ideas that worked for me and my family. I felt like you really listened to my needs and provided great advice to help me succeed without judgment

Nicole H.

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